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January 2011

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“Since I was a very little girl I have had a strong interest in drawing the figure. My mother, who was also an artist, kept my sketchbooks which I filled with drawings of people… always people.

College offered the opportunity for enforced discipline and countless hours of anatomy and life drawing. Several years after graduating, my own artistic needs matured enough to bring me to the point of self disciplined study and exploration of both still life and landscape as a means to an end. Now I incorporate both of these into my figure work, my first love.

My intent as an artist is to share an experience or feeling with the beholder. My spirit is committed to the admonition to think on  ‘whatever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report’ and to paint accordingly. In art, as in life, I feel there will always be more to learn and new horizons to cross... that both life and art must always be formative.

My feeling of awe and respect for God and His most wonderful creation must be what binds me to the continuing interest in portraying the human experience.”

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